Acroyoga. It’s flippin brill.

Stood there in my huge flappy shoes, curly orange wig and big red nose. I looked like a right old clown. And as the 23rd elephant stepped out my car, I reminisced on simpler times. Times where we just did one thing at a time. We did acrobatics. We did yoga. But never the twain … Continue reading Acroyoga. It’s flippin brill.

Passing on Vipassana

Its been 2 months now since completing the 10 day Vipassana meditation course in Sri Lanka. High time I gave some thoughts on this technique, and how I've faired since coming out of the jungle and into the 'real' world. Raising the bar - boredom tolerance and focus levels go through the roof! No doubt. Doing … Continue reading Passing on Vipassana

Ayurvedic Update

It's been a whole month since I started trying to live completely Ayurvedically. So what are the verdicts, and things I have learnt along the way? The Good Teas a treat - one thing I've kept up the whole time, is having natural teas. Tailor made to suit what I need at the time. Favourites … Continue reading Ayurvedic Update

Get lost in the woods, and find yourself! Time well spent at Ängsbacka.

After many years of hearing about this magical place called Ängsbacka in the centre of Sweden, it was time to see what all the hype was about. To experience, or at-least witness, some of the heart warming things that I had heard. As someone who's interested and wanting to learn more about myself and the … Continue reading Get lost in the woods, and find yourself! Time well spent at Ängsbacka.

The sweet south of Sweden.

So where have you been hiding all my life, southern Sweden?! Having recently come back from a short trip to Hävang in Skåne, on the south east coast, I am a little lost for words. Lost for words as to why this area of the world is not more well known. Outside of Sweden that … Continue reading The sweet south of Sweden.

Ayurveda from Dummies

Pampered, pruned, and detoxified. Ayurvedic treatments offer your common westerner something different to the mainstream. But what is this mystical medical wonder? And is it all just one big trick, or wholesome treat? Here are some general insights and tips from one newly informed commoner. Lifestyle guru Literally meaning “Life Knowledge”, the main aim of … Continue reading Ayurveda from Dummies

Vipassana Meditation for Newbies

Vipassana meditation, what’s it all about? The ancient Buddhist technique shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Handed down by the Buddha himself over two millennia ago. Still taught in much the same way today. So for those potential first timers, looking to attend the 10 day introductory course, here are some helpful insights and tips that … Continue reading Vipassana Meditation for Newbies