I get excited just thinking about new ideas. At the turn of the year I made a promise to myself to start having more fun, and being more creative, and that is what I’ve done.

I have had a number ideas over the last few years but never really had the time, patience or know how to make them a reality. But with the space and some amazing help from brilliant people along the way, it’s happening.

I need this outlet. My life before had no creativity. Everything was about money and keeping up with the bills, no matter how much I earned. It’s no way to live, always looking outward.

I now look inward. What do I need? What am I saying? I listen to myself more and more, and it’s unbelievably inspiring. I feel happy and healthier every day, and even on the bad days or during hard moments, I am aware of them, and why I feel this way. And most importantly, I know that they will not last. Creativity gives me the tools to cope, and deal with everything life throws at me.

I do hope you enjoy something. I’ve loved every moment.