A healthy dose of Dosha – Using Ayurveda to find your yoga.

Ayurveda and Yoga. The archetypal sibling relationship. Both raised on the mean streets of India over many millennia. Nurtured and given the same opportunities to grow. But with the awkward inevitability that one sibling vastly outperforms the other. Making Christmas dinner incredibly tense. Just ask the Wahlberg’s. But international superstar Yoga can still learn a … Continue reading A healthy dose of Dosha – Using Ayurveda to find your yoga.

Lived Ayurvedically ~ The Goods & Bads

It's been a whole month since I started trying to live completely Ayurvedically. So what are the verdicts, and things I have learnt along the way? The Good Teas a treat - one thing I've kept up the whole time, is having natural teas. Tailor made to suit what I need at the time. Favourites … Continue reading Lived Ayurvedically ~ The Goods & Bads

Ayurveda from Dummies

Pampered, pruned, and detoxified. Ayurvedic treatments offer your common westerner something different to the mainstream. But what is this mystical medical wonder? And is it all just one big trick, or wholesome treat? Here are some general insights and tips from one newly informed commoner. Lifestyle guru Literally meaning “Life Knowledge”, the main aim of … Continue reading Ayurveda from Dummies