I’ve been writing parts of different books for the last 10 years, but haven’t got very far. I used to enjoy the ideas more than actually writing, which meant I had a lot of storylines, but not many pages.

I have learnt that the love for writing was always there though. It was just covered by lots of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. I have been working hard to tackle these constraints head on the last year, and the effects on my creative side has been immense. The more I work on my own personal happiness, the more I want to express. Whether this be writing, exploring the world, or just sitting and staring out to sea.

To me, writing a book is a project, and an ever evolving work in progress. One day I may be able to sit and write, without any deviation or loss of appetite. But today, it comes in waves, whilst I learn this craft. Currently I am a baker who has never made bread, but I know and love the taste.

I will share some extracts of books as I go, to get them out of the closed world I write in, and potentially get some feedback. For some reason, taking extracts out of context, and placing them somewhere remote like this website, really helps with finding the answers. I can see that things are not quite right, but as soon as I place them here, and read through, I can see the solutions.