A healthy dose of Dosha – Using Ayurveda to find your yoga.

Ayurveda and Yoga. The archetypal sibling relationship. Both raised on the mean streets of India over many millennia. Nurtured and given the same opportunities to grow. But with the awkward inevitability that one sibling vastly outperforms the other. Making Christmas dinner incredibly tense. Just ask the Wahlberg’s.

But international superstar Yoga can still learn a thing or two from house band Ayurveda. We all know the benefits of doing regular yoga. Sure. But with so many options on the table, how do we know which types of yoga to choose?

Ayurveda offers a way. Through self diagnosis and practical guidance. Here are some useful tips for applying this age old philosophy to your yoga life.

Who are you?

First step is to find out a little about yourself. Ayurveda teaches that we are all made of the five elements; earth, wind, fire, earth and space. But in different quantities. Making us unique and special. Of course.

The elements have been categorised as three Dosha; Vata (wind and space), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (water and earth). Most of us have one or two primary Doshas, which can be determined easily by any of the free online tests or Ayurveda books. Once you know you’re Dosha, then you’re away!

Whatsa Vata with you?

Constantly on the move, floaty, stressed, anxious? Then maybe your Vata is out of whack. We need to bring you down to mother earth, with some serious grounding.

We all know you have no issues smashing a Vinyasa class, but a healthy dose of Hatha is the medicine for you. Gentle sun salutations, warriors, or holding poses like dancer will calm you down. Remember; if you’re Vata, vote Hatha.

Pitta patter

Hot in body and mind, then Pitta is your kind. You’re going to hate us even more when we tell you to just ‘chill out’. But that is exactly what is needed. If you’re anger and aggression is getting you into hot bother, then try some Yin Yoga. Slowing down, will calm you down, and gives you time to think things over. Hold… and release that pent up rage.

Bravo Tango Alpha Kapha

If you’ve drifted off by now, you’re a classic Kapha. Often in need of an energy boost, look no further than Vinyasa or power yoga. These dynamic and flow yogas will vastly increase your strength and vitality. Chaturanga push-ups, cobra poses, and abdominal twists are also great ways to get you moving. When all you want to do is chill with some Netflix, because Netflix and chill has been ruined.

Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ayurveda, but hopefully it has wet your appetite to learn more. Its not rocket science. If you are up, come down with Hatha. If you are hot, cool down with Yin. And if you are cold, warm up with some Vinyasa. Seems straightforward, right? But just try telling a Pitta person to chill out, or a Kapha to get moving, and you’ll see the difficulty.

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