Learning to fly – Growing wings with Acroyoga.

Milk chocolate. Hawaiian pizza. Double denim. Your smart phone. All the result of some bright spark putting two and two together, and coming up with five. Brangelina aside, many fantastic and everlasting creations have spawned from inventive unions.

So we look to Acroyoga. Two established worlds of acrobatics and yoga, brought together to form an exciting mix. But why together? Why not head straight to the circus after your morning yoga class? Why not flow with the yogis then hang with the acrobats?

Well we’ve deliberated, and come up with the following seven reasons why we think it’s worth giving Acroyoga a go.

All the best things in life are shared. Laughter, memories, holding hands, please stop us there. As you rock-n-roll through you’re Acroyoga journey, you’ll share some beautiful times and no doubt have immense fun along the way.

Bonding or bombing
Connect with a friend, partner or a random stranger. Constant communication is needed as you flow through forms and hold poses together. If you don’t work together, you’ll be doing most of the connecting with the floor.

Hold me, love me, say that you need me
Flowing through poses requires great trust, both on the ground and in the air. You’ll need to take a leap of faith at some point. It’s a great way to build that faith in each other, or possibly lose some teeth.

Human Jenga
Balance is the name of the game. Striking shapes or floating through them with any kind of grace requires real stability. You need a steadfastness or stubbornness to carry on. Handily, this also lends itself to dispute resolution. Whoever passes out last, wins.

Keeping it up

It’s a full body workout with your partner as the dumbbells. Avoid referring to them as such – they really don’t appreciate it. But whether you are the base or the flyer, you will hold some weight and really strengthen your core.

Beauty and the beast
Beginner Acroyoga can look like kicking out time at the local pub. But the pro’s make it look easy. And beautiful. If you’ve always wanted to fly, then tell your partner they’re a dumbbell and head straight to the local park. You’ll be up in the clouds in no time.

Make friends, make friends, never never break friends

Yoga is sometimes a solitary business. But a whole world of tumblers and fumblers exist out there, to make friends with. If you’re new in town or just looking for a few new pals, then check out you’re local group. There will be bundles of buddies.

So if you are interested in giving Acroyoga a go, head to the international website https://www.acroyoga.org or search Facebook for your local groups. Most major cities will have groups practicing on most days. And they are always eager to welcome and teach new members. 

Me doing some excellent spotting

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