Lived Ayurvedically ~ The Goods & Bads

It’s been a whole month since I started trying to live completely Ayurvedically. So what are the verdicts, and things I have learnt along the way?

The Good

Teas a treat – one thing I’ve kept up the whole time, is having natural teas. Tailor made to suit what I need at the time. Favourites are ginger, honey, and turmeric early morning, then plain old coriander tea after dinner. These are a great pick up and calm down, and have really worked for me.

Oilation sensation – my skin and beard have never felt better with the daily application of oils. I’ve made my own blend of coconut oil with a small amount of olive oil (to stop it hardening in the cold) and turmeric. Applied in the morning, after showering, it also seems to have helped my skin cope better in the sun.

Neem a dream – the neem toothpaste I’ve been using makes my whole mouth feel great. I’ve also been using the neem tablets to help clear the blood, which has definitely helped with some ringworm and athletes foot which I’ve had for many years on and off.

The Not so Good

Too many tabs – I stopped taking dhanwantari tablets as they kept giving me headaches, and weren’t really helping. Maybe it was a combination of too many supplements at once, but once I stopped taking these the headaches went.

No to Nasya – I found that the nasal drops left me with quite a bad taste in the mouth for a long time, and didn’t seem to do anything. I’m already fairly clear in the nose usually, so the oil just ran down the back of my throat.

Routine rebellion – there’s no way I could stick to the morning routine for a sustainable period. Maybe it’s because I’ve not really been settled for the last month, but even if I was, its just too much to be honest. Generally manage to the main ones (exercise, teeth, shower and oil), but the others come and go.

The things I’ve kept doing have generally fitted easily into my life, and the ones I’ve dropped, don’t. Fairly simple, but suppose that’s the whole point of trials. Some are good, some not so much. But even with one benefit, it’s well worth it!

Ginger, honey and turmeric tea. Win
Mix some olive oil and turmeric with coconut oil to stop it hardening. Win
Neem toothpaste. Win
Dhanwantaram tablets gave me headaches.
Nasal drops not working well.

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